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Dear Ones, How is everyone adjusting? How do you feel in your body right now? Do you have tension? Stay with yourself, just for a moment and notice… My emotions have been all over the place. I go from incredibly stressed, tense, anxious to excited about the future, accepting of this moment, creative and compassionate to a deep grief and ache for what was a week ago. As promised, I’m here to check in. You are all on my mind. I’ve never felt more connected to the world at large. Every time I feel scared or an intensity of feelings, I remember that every single person is adapting right now. I have been sharing with you all the last few months about the book The Wisdom of Anxiety by Sheryl Paul. I read it at the end of 2019 and I found it an incredibly soothing book. Her words really resonated with me and I have recommended it to pretty much every person I know. I would love to read it again and have you join me this time. I had been considering starting a book club for this book come spring or summer ( to be held in person) but now it feels like an amazing time to do an online book club! Who has an interest? Once I know how many people are interested, I can figure out which platform will work best to run it on and how to organize it. So just let me know if you have an interest or if you have any questions. Speaking of Sheryl Paul, yesterday she posted on Instagram something that really resonated with me: “ Feeling disoriented is part of the plan. If you’re forgetting what day it is, you’re not alone! We’re being shaken up in every way. The structures by which we’ve oriented are no longer here. They will be back, of course, but as we walk through this liminal, in-between zone where the old ways are no longer and the new is not yet it’s normal and even necessary to feel disoriented.” You can read the rest of her post on her instagram (wisdomofanxiety). If you don’t have instagram and you want to read the rest of it, just let me know and I’ll send you the full caption. I have definitely been feeling disoriented. It helped to know this is normal to feel strange during a transitional time. I am allowing myself to just feel all the feelings this week and I plan to try and create some more routines for myself and my family for the coming weeks. What have you been doing to ground yourself this week? Or has this week been the time for you to just feel a bit disoriented? Here is a youtube video of my favorite online yogi with a video specifically for anxiety. My sister actually did a program with this woman in real life and met her and she said she was just as lovely as she is in her videos! Thank you to those of you who have purchased gift certificates! The website with e-gift certificates doesn’t allow me to put in a specific service, such as a one-hour session. It is preset with the dollar amounts of my services or you can choose whatever amount you’d like. So if you type in a $100 gift card and then put in the 25% off code “MARCH”, you’ll get the $100 gift card for $75. Here is the link again and if you’d like to purchase one for a gift, just reach out to me. I would love to hear from you. Fill me in. Did you try the meditation I sent this week? How did it go? Will you give this yoga video a go? Want to join the book club? PS. I am on Facebook (Eileen Dickinson, LMT) and Instagram ( insafehandsmassage) but for now, I'm avoiding Facebook as much as possible. I will be active on Instagram, though! Feel free to follow me on there. You are the best clients ever. In Gratitude, Eileen

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