Our Approach to Working with Pain

  • Massage therapy never has to hurt to work. We want this to feel good.

  • We recognize that pain does not necessarily mean you have tissue damage

  • We recognize that there is no such thing as perfect posture and it is unlikely that your posture is causing your pain. If you are in pain and uncomfortable- you will most likely know what to do- move and adjust your position!

  • Pain is felt through the nervous system. It can be increased and decreased due to what are called "biopsychosocial" factors. This means that pain is affected by a variety of things in our body, our minds, and more. We keep these factors in mind.

  • We understand the power of touch to our peripheral nerves seems to decrease pain.

  • We understand the power of feeling safe, soothed, and present seems to decrease pain.

  • We understand that the power of freedom of movement seems to decrease pain.

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