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So nice to meet you!

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist,  touch educator, and mind-body coach. I have closed my private practice for massage therapy but you can still schedule a massage with me at In Touch Massage in West Hartford, CT. I am so passionate about what massage therapy can do, particularly for mental health.

I am also a coach! I become a coach after seeing the difference it made in my life being coached, particularly for my ADHD. I then started figuring out ways to combine a lot of the very helpful coaching tips I was learning with the mind-body tips I have learned as a massage therapist. I found this combo is incredibly effective! 


I am a graduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and a member of the AMTA( The American Massage Therapy Association).  My continuing education has consisted of  a course on Massage Therapy for Depressed Clients,  a Cadaver Observation Workshop, and most recently a workshop on Bodywork for PTSD- where I learned techniques to alleviate  the physical aspects of trauma and PTSD. 


When I am not massaging, I am most likely playing with my 10 year old son, singing/dancing around the house, reading, or hmmmm drinking coffee. I am a people person!

Please browse my website for more information and feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 

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