Your First Session

     For your first session I recommend you arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete some paperwork before we begin. There are links listed below in case you'd like to fill out paperwork before your appointment to save some time. You may email these to me or bring them to your appointment.  If all paperwork has been filled out then only 5 minutes ahead of time will be perfect. I will read over your forms to make sure I give you the safest massage for your individual health needs and to give you the most effective massage based on your needs. Then we will make a plan to give you the massage you've been dreaming of. Then I will leave the room and have you get undressed to your comfort level. Many people fully undress and many people leave their underwear on. I have clients who prefer a session completely dressed. Some who prefer sitting on the table or sitting in a chair for their session. Whatever is comfortable for you is perfect. If you choose to undress,  I will have you get under the sheet completely covered. During the massage I will un-drape the specific body part I am working on while leaving the rest of your body covered. It is very important that you let me know if you do not wish to be massaged in a particular area. If you have any discomfort: pain or just a feeling like you want me not to touch you somewhere- please speak up. It is YOUR body. I will honor what feels good for you. Communication is key. I will check in periodically to make sure the pressure is working for you but ALWAYS should speak up if you're bothered by anything. You may also let me know if you're really enjoying something in particular and want me to keep doing that for a bit longer.  The time you've booked with me is yours and I  am happy to accommodate what you want.

     Please take the time to read through the policies, procedures, and informed consent before signing. You only need to fill out the first page of the intake form. The second page would be only if you were seeing me for an injury. 

     If you have any questions before your first appointment ( or any time) please do not hesitate to call me.