6 Week Massage Therapy Program for Moms with Anxiety Disorders

Registration opens 11/29/2019

Registration closes 1/3/2020

Early Registration: 12/20/2019 ( for $50 off the program)

Begins the week of January 12, 2020

Has your

anxiety, trauma, or pain been holding you back? Creating stress in your life and relationships?

Let me help you find relief. Book your massage today!

What makes us unique:

We specialize in working with clients suffering from anxiety, trauma, and pain.


We work in collaboration with psychotherapists to create holistic treatment plans and/or to create the safest experience possible


We use the best of our understanding of current research, science, and hands on experience to inform our practice. We understand there is always more to learn and welcome the knowledge!


Massage therapy and bodywork can be an effective complementary approach to working with anxiety and trauma by:

  • Reconnecting the mind to the body

  • Establishing safe body boundaries

  • Creating positive body experiences

  • Working with the nervous system to create safety, regulation, and reduce pain

  • Taking time to slow down in a world that is moving at lightning speed

  • Opening up tension patterns in the body that have been operating as an armor to allow freedom of movement and expression

  • Having a safe space to notice what comes up, feel the feelings, and let them pass through

*I highly recommend working with a trained mental health provider when suffering from anxiety and PTSD. In some cases I will require that a client is active in psychotherapy while we are working together.

What We Do

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... including you."

Anne Lamott