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The 3 Tools that got me through 2020!

Hello! Today I am sharing with you something I posted as an Instagram story last month but I thought it could be helpful. I discuss the 3 tools I used to get through the craziness that was 2020:

1. Self-compassion

2. Polyvagal theory based mind-body exercises

3. The self- coaching model.

I am bringing these tools along with me into this year and they’re serving me well. I share practical strategies for dealing with challenges that may come up. I am incorporating these tools into my coaching practice. You can book a free consultation today if you want to deepen some of these practices, if you’re ready to sign up for a coaching program or you want more information.

In my massage therapy practice, I recently bought an air purifier. We’ve had windows cracked but as it gets freezing I anticipate some of you would prefer to have the windows closed and some of you, like me, prefer that every possible precaution is taken and want to incorporate the windows open and the air purifier! I am here for all of the safety measures and I’m here for your relaxation and stress relief needs!

As always, reach out with any questions, concerns , or comments! I love to hear from you.

In Gratitude,


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