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Holidays 2020

Dear One How are you? I know many are bummed that their holiday traditions are cancelled and I know some are looking forward to a more low key holiday. I am in both categories! It has been a tough year for every person I know. More than ever I think it's so important to allow whatever is here to be here. There is so much we can do to shift our mindsets and to feel better ( I am in the business of it- massage and coaching are just two ways to help with those things) AND it's just as important to just allow it all. What if sadness, grief, and disappointment were all welcome this year? Because they are there! The idea that we should be happy right now and must be in the holiday spirit or we are doing it wrong is what really causes more problems than just allowing it in. Sheryl Paul, my most quoted author of the year, recommends that you write an actual invitation to your holiday celebration ( or season) to these emotions! I like it! Anyways, I hope you have an amazing end of 2020, amazing holidays if you are celebrating any, that you stay safe and healthy, that if you're in need of some tension, anxiety, or stress relief- that you'll book a massage, if you're looking to make a change in your life right now in any way, that you'll book a coaching consultation. As always, it is my absolute honor to be in each any every one of your lives! In Gratitude, Eileen P.S. The link-tree link below will bring you to purchase e-gift cards, my youtube channel, my website, etc!

@EileenDickinsonLinktree. Make your link do more.

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