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My Dear Clients, After much consideration and advisement from the local health department, CDC, and our governor's announcements and restrictions over the last couple days, I have come to the heartbreaking decision to shut down my practice, effective immediately, until the end of the month ( at least). I will reach out to any of you individually who have appointments in the next couple weeks to personally cancel and hopefully reschedule. Anyone with appointments after April, I will keep on the schedule for now and will update you if/when anything changes. I had planned to write to you all yesterday but I truly had to digest and feel the weight of this before my head was clear enough to break the news. I know that these are stressful times and so it is hard to to not be able to offer my stress relieving services! However, truly I wouldn't be being true to my business name, "In Safe Hands Massage," if I kept operating. I practice all the standard precautions and was happy to go above and beyond with keeping things clean but I know that the best thing is that we are all limiting our interactions to essential ones right now. Your safety and health, in addition to the safety and health of our world at large, is of my upmost concern right now. That being said, I am here for you. I plan to check in and figure out how to best serve you all in this time. Here are some of my ideas: sending meditations that have helped me, creating my own meditations, an online book club for books that have been super helpful for me this year, at home massage videos to teach you to massage your kids or any of your loved ones you're quarantined with, etc. Do any of those pique your interest? Anything else you'd like to see from me? Here's one to start: I found this meditation this week and it soothed by anxiety a bit. I hope it brings you some comfort, too. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any ideas, concerns, questions. Please feel free to reach out and share how the social distancing is going or how your health is. I'll be happy to hear from you. Since I know some of you will be working less and since I won't be working for a bit I want to offer 25% off gift certificates that can be used for yourself or your loved ones once we reopen. You can purchase online here and use the code "MARCH" or if you'd like a physical gift certificate, email me, or give me a call to take payment and I'll ship one to you ASAP. I can't thank you enough for your tremendous support. I love working with each and every one of you and can't wait until we can get back into the massage therapy room and back to our routines. In the meantime, please take good care of yourselves and we'll be in touch. In Deep Gratitude, Eileen

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