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A Quick Check-in

Hello, I am slowly crawling out of a funk to tell you- If you’re feeling like crap and haven’t gotten much done over the last few weeks, you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. Everyone I know ( myself included) has been struggling the last few weeks with feeling anxious, tense, hyper- vigilant, or in my case: shut down, having a hard time connecting, concentrating or getting into action. These are responses from your nervous system. And our nervous system just wants to keep us safe! So, it’s as natural as can be. I’ve been using tools from the polyvagal theory to guide myself out of my shut-down place, Shake off some of my fight or flight stress, and return myself to a state of safety. I use some of these body-centered tools ( and am currently taking a course to learn more) with both my massage and coaching clients. I would love to support you, too! Email or call to book an appointment or coaching consultation. Additionally, For a massage therapy session- online booking is available on my website. Is there any topic you’d love to see a video on? I have a few ideas but I want to make sure the videos are as helpful as can be to you so I would love your input! Take care!

In Gratitude,

Eileen Eileen@insafehandsmassage.com860-805-6020

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