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May 2020 and Survey

Dear One,

How’s it going?

I have noticed that my brain has definitely adapted into more of a one day at a time mentality which is serving me well.

Massage therapy won’t be a part of the first round of openings in the state on May 20th. So, for now, I am happy to connect with you all here.

In thinking ahead, I have been wondering what your perspective is on getting back to your massage therapy sessions. Your thoughts, feelings, and opinions really shape how I do business and I want to always be creating services that serve you best. I have created a survey to check in on your perspectives on returning to massage therapy. It’s only a few questions. I would really appreciate your input on the future of massage therapy so I can begin planning for reopening ( whenever that may be).

Thanks for being here! Keep in touch.


P.S. I will keep the 25% off special on gift certificates active until I reopen. You lovely humans have no idea how much I've appreciated your support during this time. Just a reminder that I am not informed on who is purchasing the gift certificates so please do let me know if you purchase one as I want to make sure I can thank you and also add you to my list of clients to get in contact with when I know I am opening up so I can get you in.

The website with e-gift certificates doesn’t allow me to put in a specific service, such as a one-hour session. It is preset with the dollar amounts of my services or you can choose whatever amount you’d like. So if you type in a $100 gift card and then put in the 25% off code “MARCH”, you’ll get the $100 gift card for $75. Here is the link again and if you’d like to purchase one for a gift, just reach out to me.

P.P.S. Here is the link to the resources I’ve posted in the last couple months. I plan to add more for you next week.

In Gratitude,


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