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Resisting Emotions Part 2

Dear One, Hi! Last week, in the video I posted, I mentioned I said I would talk more later about how we also resist our "positive" emotions and then never really got to it so today I follow up on resisting emotions. If you didn't get the email last week with that video for some reason, let me know and I'll send it to you because it definitely goes into more depth on the topic! A few other things on my mind: 1. I am wondering how you are all doing. Most people I know are making super challenging decisions right now- should I send my kid back to school? Can we do distance learning and make that work at home? I want my kids and myself to be engaged in life but I want to keep myself and them safe. I know some of you are laid off and in all sorts of challenging situations. That, plus the constant news going on, it is enough to make any of us feel overwhelmed. This is tough stuff. I am trying to take more time than normal to go inward. To just sit, journal, allow all of the feelings. There is a lot to process and it's hard to make decisions when there is so much information and opinions around us. 2. Last month like many, I was paying attention to the Black Lives Matter movement in a way I hadn't before. I realized the extent to which I was not paying attention to things going on in the world. In response, I wrote an instagram post on my business page but I realized that I never made a post to my email subscribers. As I feel I summed up my thoughts/feelings/opinions on the matter well in my post, I have copied it here to share with you. I am embarrassed to say that I have always believed I wasn’t racist because I have called out overt racism and felt like everyone was equal my whole life. This belief in and of itself and the fact that I didn’t realize the magnitude of the systemic racism happening is proof of my contribution to the problem. I am sorry to all of the black people that I know that I haven’t been an active ally on behalf of the black community. I am committed to getting my hands on as much educational material as I can to learn more about systemic racism. I am glad that people are educating themselves. Yet, I know that sometimes issues, especially in the age of social media ( where we can easily feel we’ve “done” something by posting something), can easily lose fervor the fervor when it’s not having a direct negative impact on our lives. I have been asking my friends who are also very concerned about this issue to be a place of accountability- can we make sure we learn as much as we can and then fight to make a change in the way things are done? If anyone else is currently educating themselves on this, i am happy to discuss what we are learning. I am hesitant even posting this because I know my work has just begun with shining the light on how I have contributed to the problem but I also want to show up and clearly send the message that black lives matter. 3. Please let me know if the videos shared have been helpful for you, if you have questions, concerns, comments, or just want to say hello, I always WELCOME feedback and love to hear from you. I am designing my videos and emails with you all in mind so if there's something that you'd like to see differently or want to have a discussion on a topic, I am grateful for the ability to discuss with you. In Gratitude, Eileen PS- Thanks for those of you who signed up to do 4 free weeks of coaching with me. I would love one more person to coach right now for free to keep honing these skills. If there is a goal you’re hoping to work towards right now, I’d love to help. Let me know!

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